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17 proven ways to spend less on your salon marketing

We’re in for an extremely bumpy financial ride.

It’s tempting to yell ‘Quick. Slam on the brake. Stop the marketing spend.’

But cutting your salon marketing is not the right answer.

Without any advertising and marketing your salon is much more likely to falter over the coming difficult months – it certainly won’t grow. But your competitors will if they continue to promote their salon business.

Let me help you make your marketing budget stretch further:

Here are 17 ways to carry on marketing and growing your salon while watching the pennies.

If you are not already doing any of the salon marketing activities in this blog, give them a try.

Why? Because they are easy. Are all low-budget or even free. And I know they work extremely well.


#1. Free salon social media guide (no email needed)

Get on-track and down-to-business by creating a Salon Social Media Marketing Plan for your hair or beauty business for the next six months. If you haven’t already, download my free step-by-step guide here and get relevant, real world, actionable tactics you can put in place right away.


#2. Promote your biz on your salon voicemail (for free)

Record a promotional voicemail message to promote your hair or beauty business 24/7. Keep it short, punchy and limit it to one offer.

But don’t just record and forget. Make a calendar note to change the marketing message once a month to cover seasonal offers, retail or even introduce new team members with an added value promotion.


#3. Start your own salon blog

Outpace the competition with your own monthly hair or beauty blog packed with news, tips and trends. You’ll find ideas and advice here on getting started.

If you struggle to find the right words to string together, get my fill-in-the-gaps professionally written blog template each month as part of your Salon Social Club membership.


#4. Freebie salon marketing

Regularly ask clients to post online reviews on Google, Facebook and other online directories. This word-of-mouth promotion doesn’t cost you anything and is one of the best salon marketing tools out there.

Don’t just take it from me:

  • When looking for a local business 60% of us check Google reviews.
  • 78% of people trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend or a family member.
  • 85% of consumers believe online reviews older than three months are irrelevant.

As an extra marketing bonus getting more Google reviews will also help new clients find you. Here’s how:


#5. Rank higher on Google

Google confirms: ‘More Google reviews and positive ratings can improve your business’ local ranking.’

If you want to appear higher when potential clients search for you then get more high rated reviews.


#6. Move the needle for less

Time is money so don’t waste yours on salon social marketing activities that don’t move the needle. Especially in this challenging economic climate.

Outsource the dozens of hours it takes you to plan, prep, write and design your salon social – for just £37 + vat a month. My Salon Social Club doesn’t just tell you how to market your biz, it does most of the hard work for you. That’s why it’s so different to anything else. Get started here.

‘It’s like having someone in marketing sat right next to me.’
– Club member & salon owner, Raymond Bottone


#7. Make salon merchandising work harder for less

You don’t have to splash the cash on fancy new display units to market your in-salon retail more effectively. Try some of my easy quick tips.


#8. Research your local competitors

When did you last do some serious competitor analysis?

When times are good and business is booming, it’s easy to ignore your competitors. Yet it’s impossible to effectively market your biz unless you have researched your local competition.

As we all tighten our belts, spend time (not money) researching their social media, website and take a walk by too. You need to know what services, offers, client care and prices you are up against, so you can make your offering the most attractive to potential new clients.


#9. Spend your budget attracting ideal salon clients

Don’t waste time and budget marketing to everyone. Because as marketing guru Seth Godin says: ‘everyone is not your client’.

Instead, decide who your dream client is, then target your marketing activity at them. In this blog I show you how to work out who is your dream client.

Which brings me neatly to advertising your salon effectively on a low budget:


#10. Low budget advertising on salon social media

It’s possible to advertise effectively on social to a highly targeted (dream) audience. The trick is to be very selective and keep your budget to just a few pounds a day to start with. This way you can test what works, and what doesn’t, without breaking the bank.

Members: Sign up for our social media advertising course. This hands-on course is free as part of your membership. At the end of it you’ll be pressing GO on your very own new client advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram.


#11. Use local hashtags on salon social

Whether you have a bricks-and-mortar salon or are a freelancer don’t underestimate the importance of focusing on your local audience. It’s where your new clients are going to come from.

Always add local hashtags, for example, #Brighton #Brightonbeauty #Brightonsalon in your salon social marketing.

And here’s another cost-effective local salon marketing idea:


#12. Offer free salon services to a local influencer

A personal endorsement from a respected local influencer can be marketing gold. It’s a powerful trust-builder and gives you, your services and your brand instant credibility.

Social influencers don’t have to cost a fortune. Look out for local influencers with an active following of 1,000 – 5,000 who would be happy to exchange free beauty treatments or hairdressing services in return for posts and social recommendations.

Avoid these marketing pitfalls:

  • Do they have the same beauty/hair/fashion content, tone of voice and values as you?
  • Is their following almost all local?
  • Be clear about what you expect in return for giving them free services.

And talking of local marketing…


#13. Partnership marketing splits the cost

Max out your marketing budget by partnering with a local like-minded business.

This is one of my absolute favourite marketing tools for any beauty, hair or aesthetic business. Get chatting to local businesses about piggybacking on each other’s social marketing, promotions and clients and save money.

I walk you through the ‘what, why and how’ here.


#14. Easy-on-the-pocket salon promotions

Your hair or beauty suppliers are marketing partners too. I’m often surprised by how often salon owners seem reluctant to ask them for freebies.

Don’t be timid. Now’s the time to ask them to give you free raffle prizes, samples, goodie bags and their time for salon events.


#15. Make a splash locally online

Being found locally online is a must for any salon, spa or clinic. Every business is entitled to its own Google Business Profile (it used to be called a Google My Business account until recently).

It costs zero, is simple to set up and essential if you want your hair or beauty business to be visible on Google.

And talking of getting found locally don’t overlook this low budget marketing tactic:


#16. Enter a local business award on a shoestring

Awards and competitions are often seen as an expensive marketing tool. Yet they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you create your own entry for a local award.

The trick to squeezing the most promotional exposure from your entry is to start shouting about it right from the start. Don’t wait to see if you are the winner before talking about it. Shout about creating your entry and if you reach the final that’s brilliant promotional material for all your marketing channels.


#17. A salon e-newsletter on the house

I know I bang on about email marketing but it’s such a cracking salon marketing tool. It lets you deliver your marketing messages straight into your reader’s palm – there’s nothing like it.

Way more cost effective than SMS, an e-newsletter lets you get multiple messages across and use eye-catching imagery as well as being easy on the pocket. Pair it with salon social media for a powerful promotional combo.

While we’re talking email marketing, why not make a big effort to collect new emails and check your current contacts – updating your client’s email database doesn’t cost a penny. An up-to-date validated database is one of your most valuable salon marketing assets – don’t neglect it.


Get marketing. Get growing.

So, there you have it. 17 proven ways to maximise your marketing spend in the bumpy months ahead and grow your hair and beauty salon.

What are you waiting for?