Club graphics explained

You have a choice of Club graphics each month…

[1] Ready-to-go Graphics

Perfect for both Facebook and Instagram. They can be used for feed posts, multi-image posts/carousel Covers and video Covers.

Just download direct from the monthly planner. Then use ‘as is’ on your social. It couldn’t be easier or quicker.

Make sure you download the best quality version (that is, the high-res version) otherwise they will appear slightly fuzzy on your feed/grid. Check out how in our 2 min video tutorial here.

[2] Club Canva Templates

We also have Club Canva Template graphics and videos (which are all clearly labelled so you can’t mistake them) which you can personalise. You can add your own images or videos within the templates or go a step further and add your name, branding and contact details.

Once you’re happy with your design, you can download them from your Canva account and use on your social.

They are straightforward to do even if you’re not technically minded (if I can do them anyone can 😂). Unless you already use Canva I suggest you head to my Workshop first.