Are you using fuzzy Club graphics?

All the Club post graphics are high resolution and top quality. But I’ve noticed some member feeds have a mix of low (not so sharp) and high resolution Club graphics.

Just check you’re downloading the images correctly if you are finding your graphics look slightly ‘fuzzy’. The download process varies a little between a desktop computer and a phone.

Here’s how:

Go into the Club Content planner post for the particular day (for example, go into 21 August itself).

On desktop

DO NOT  right click on the image and ‘save as’. If you do you’ll download the low res version.

Instead,  go into the Club Content planner post for the particular day hover over the image and click on the black download arrow icon that appears top-right on the graphic itself.


Click any gallery image to open a larger version in a lightbox and the download appears top right of the screen (in the black bar above the graphic) NOT on the graphic itself.

On mobile

If you’re posting on the move on your phone then you need to scroll to the image you would like to download and tap it to open a larger version in a lightbox. The download button appears in the top-right next to the close button (NOT on the graphic itself).

Next steps…

Following these instructions will force the high resolution image to download to your device. After which you can upload to your chosen social platform.