Employer branding

I keep hearing that many of you are recruiting so here’s another graphic to use. Post on its own with a link to your website so potential applicants can get a flavour of what you’re about. Or use this graphic as a cover and add some photos or a video of your biz to give therapists a glimpse of your world.

Check out my quick #Soundbite video 👇🏻 to learn:

  1. Why showcasing your biz as THE place to work to attract the best talent is a key social media marketing activity that many owners overlook.
  2. The must-have social posts for great employer branding.

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Take a look at my Workshop on motivating your team here. I’m also working on a full blown Campaign-in-a-box for recruitment which will be launching in a couple of months. Stay tuned for more news on this if you’re struggling with recruiting experienced talent.

Either way, don’t forget to add a call-to action to get in touch and let them know what you want… CV by email, a call, etc.

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