Express treatments

Tempt your social audience to treat themselves, and keep you and your team busy by reminding them about your express treatments.

I’d list say 5 express treatments so people can see them as they scroll through social, but if you have a website remember to add a link back to your express treatments page with a call-to-action: Take a sneak peek at our Express Menu here.

Deep Dive

Whether you have a bricks-and-mortar salon or are a freelancer, don’t underestimate the importance of focusing on your local audience. It’s where your new clients are going to come from.

After all, if a follower lives 200 miles away the chances of them becoming a new client are remote. It’s people who live near you and your beauty biz who are your target audience.

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This Quick Win looks at three super simple yet effective ways to get more eyeballs locally on both Facebook and Insta:

  • Local hashtags
  • Geo-tagging
  • Get involved

Caption Template

Last minute washing, shopping and work deadlines leave little time for your essential pre-holiday [vacation] beauty prep. So we’ve rounded up our [5] must-have express treatments that will have you beach ready from top-to-toe 👙. Hop to it!

⏰ TREATMENT + price
⏰ TREATMENT + price
⏰ TREATMENT + price
⏰ TREATMENT + price
⏰ TREATMENT + price

Call [XXXX] [book online] [DM] now and book a little me-time 🥰

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