One of August’s marketing themes is to remind your social community about all your services and get them booking ahead. So let’s start with toes – we’re in full pedi season right now, so showcase your best client tootsies to shout about your treatments and skills.

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Customisable Templates [Feed Carousel]


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Pro Tips

Do you post Stories on Facebook as well as Instagram? ‘Cos if you’re not, you’re missing a social marketing trick.

Facebook Stories are a great opportunity for you to grow engagement, build brand awareness, and strengthen your relationship with your community.

Because unlike regular Facebook posts which appear on people’s feeds, Facebook Stories are displayed right at the top of the Facebook app. This is perfect for businesses who want to catch their audience’s attention.

And while more people are posting Facebook Stories, the overall number is still low enough that you can stand out from competitors and grow your organic reach.

It’s dead easy too, as you can cross-post your Instagram Stories to Facebook making it easy to share stories on both platforms.

So, if you’ve only been posting Stories on Instagram why not try posting today’s Story on both platforms?

Caption Template

Can you tell from my feet I’ve had a flip flop summer?

Help is at hand… let’s get those feet soft and smooth. Our [XXXX] pedicure is an indulgent 💛 treat for feet 💛 that goes beyond a spot of paint on the nails. From crackled heels to parched skin, and calluses to corns, we’ll transform the look and feel of your feet. And, of course, we’ll finish with perfectly polished toes.

For immaculately-presented feet you can’t put a foot wrong by 📞 [XXXX] [booking online] [DM us/me].

Post Graphics

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