Which moisturiser?

Your shortcut to salon social that works:

  •  written-for-you Sample Caption
  • designed Story to personalise in Canva with your pics, contact details and logo.
  • ready-to-go graphics for a feed post, carousel or multi-image post

Caption Template

Wondering which moisturiser is best for you?

✨Dry skin [PRODUCT NAME]

✨Oily skin [PRODUCT NAME]

✨Anti-ageing [PRODUCT NAME]

✨Sensitive skin [PRODUCT NAME]

✨ Men’s skin [PRODUCT NAME]

Ask  your therapist for a complimentary skincare consultation and let us recommend the right moisturiser for YOU.

Post Graphics

I’ve created a moisturiser Story so you can pop in photos of  your choice of products while showing clients that one size does not fit all when it comes to moisturisers and skin hydration.

The template is in Canva with dedicated spaces for your product imagery to make it super easy for you. You can, if you wish, also personalise it by adding your own contact details and/or logo.

Customisable Templates [Story]


Scroll through the Canva preview below 👇

To use our customisable Club templates simply click the ‘Use Canva template‘ button under the preview to open in Canva. You can then personalise the template with your own text, images and logo.

Use Canva template

Use Canva template

Use Canva template