Last minute

Filling those last-minute cancellations and no-shows is always a key part of your social marketing.

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Ever worked out how much no shows and late cancellations cost your biz?

Let’s say you have 8 no-shows a week.

Your average services invoice is £46

£46 x 8 no shows = £368 per week

£368 x say 50 weeks = £18,400


Pro Tips

4 ways to reduce last minute cancellations and fill those gaps when they do happen:

  1. If you normally ask for 24 hours’ notice for a cancellation, then consider changing this to 48 hours’ notice to give you more chance to fill that gap.
  2. Send your text reminder out in good time. I’d allow at least 48 hours prior to the appointment, and ideally 72 hours, so they have enough time to let you know. If you don’t currently use text reminders then please start now and stop money walking out of the door 🚀
  3. I’d also phone clients, as well as text them. I know some owners think phoning gives clients the chance to cancel. But far better to know well in advance when you stand a chance of filling that gap, than finding they don’t turn up for their appointment leaving you with a last-minute gap.
  4. If you have a salon team make sure they know the drill for a cancellation and who is responsible for springing into action to fill the void.

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