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Sick of racking your brain for ideas for salon social to market your biz? Not got enough hours in the day?

Nor does it get any easier as you grapple with creating eye-catching visuals to go with that caption text you struggled to write.

Are you even confident you’re doing the right things on social? The technology and systems change constantly – keep up!

You feel like you’re on a hamster wheel. If only there was an easier way. A shortcut. Well there is…

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Salon Social Club

Stop the guessing game, simplify your life, and rescue your marketing off the back burner with the Salon Social Club.

A membership club for hair and beauty biz owners created by leading salon marketing experts Alice Kirby and Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing.

"I have never been very good on social media and thanks to your helpful prompts, captions and imagery I have already scheduled posts until the end of March!"
Salon owner & Salon Social Club member

Crush it on social with your complete monthly toolkit.
And fast track your social to awesome!

Using our industry expertise, we’ve created a Club that helps you…


Work smarter not longer

Spend less time dreaming up post ideas and more time on the things you love. Power through your social marketing with a day-by-day planner brimming with ideas and practical advice.


Your business won’t sell itself

You’re not a marketer but we are. Stop the guesswork with a month of ready-to-go post captions to engage and convert lookers to bookers. Get your social on track. And done. Fast.


Put yourself in the driving seat

Hands-on Facebook advertising course and advert templates. Using our agency expertise, we teach you the shortest route from advertising newbie to pressing GO on a successful campaign.


Slash your marketing time

Daily done-for-you graphics, Stories and videos with captions to match. So you can stop multi-tasking, look professional and be confident about what you’re posting.


Know the right things. Fast.

Stop the guessing game. Instant access to our marketing workshops, done-for-you campaigns, online training and Q&A sessions ensures you know the right things at the right time.


NEW: Show up
as an expert

Build trust in your skills and services with bang-on-topic monthly blog templates. Just fill in the gaps. Connect with potential clients and keep loyal ones coming back. Simple. 

"I am very impressed with your services! I have come further on social media marketing with your club in the last few months than ever before!"
Donna H.
Salon owner California & Salon Social Club member
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Do less of the stuff you don’t have the time for…

Let us do the hard work for you.

Yep, you heard right. Okay, not absolutely everything, but we take care of a big chunk of your monthly social marketing.

It’s your shortcut to salon social that works. And because we live and breathe salon marketing every day for our agency clients, you can trust everything because it’s already worked with proven and repeatable results.

‘The trusted go-to resource for beauty and hair business owners and managers looking to up their social game.’

Get your marketing done...

"Ready for convenience without the cost of outsourcing your social media?

Being part of the Club will make your salon social better. Instantly. Even if you struggle to find time for marketing, your monthly Club toolkit means you always have a ready-to-go social content at your fingertips and support from one of the leading UK salon marketing teams."

Budget-friendly plans

Win new clients. And grow your salon.

You want the kind of results pro marketers get. Get them. By switching from guesswork to step-by-step guidance from professional salon marketing specialists. Save time. Make more money. Attract new clients. Only with Salon Social Club. Facebook advertising course included free.


Social media monthly toolkit
£ 32
  / month
  • Day-by-day Beauty ideas planner
  • Written-for-you Beauty captions
  • Beauty marketing Academy
  • Ready-to-go graphics & videos
  • Client Beauty blog template
  • Ready-to-roll Stories
  • Bonus! FREE Facebook Ad training
  • Pick our marketing brains


Social media monthly toolkit
£ 32
  / month
  • Day-by-day Hair ideas planner
  • Written-for-you Hair captions
  • Hair marketing Academy
  • Ready-to-go graphics & videos
  • Client Hair blog template
  • Ready-to-roll Stories
  • Bonus! FREE Facebook Ad training
  • Pick our marketing brains

Hair & Beauty

Social media monthly toolkit
£ 42
  / month
  • Day-by-day Beauty ideas planner
  • Day-by-day Hair ideas planner
  • Written-for-you daily Beauty captions
  • Written-for-you daily Hair captions
  • Salon Social Academy
  • Daily Beauty graphics & videos
  • Daily Hair graphics & videos
  • Ready-to-roll Hair & Beauty Stories
  • Bonus! FREE Facebook Ad training
  • Client Beauty blog template
  • Client Hair blog template
  • Pick our marketing brains
Save £22

Any questions? Get in touch and we’ll help you out.

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