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Attracting new clients

Before a new client will book that first appointment there are two marketing hurdles you need to get them over:

#1. They need to feel confident that they can trust you.

#2. They need a marketing trigger to persuade them take action and book.

Let’s see how your salon social marketing can help you get past these two hurdles and get those new clients walking in to your business…

#1. Feel confident they trust you

Think about it. Before they put their hair or their skin in your hands, they need to know:

You know that you and your team tick all these. But they don’t. 

This is where your salon social marketing can be so invaluable. Because when potential new clients look at your social marketing, they are looking for clues to answer these questions and help them build a picture in their mind about you and your business. Photo after photo of balayage or lash lifts on their own is unlikely to be enough to paint the full picture. To create that trust.


By regularly weaving in social posts that give advice, introduce your team, show, training, awards, testimonials and much more, you will build a much more rounded picture about your business than a social ‘look-book’ will do.

And this creates that crucial trust factor.  I include these trust building posts consistently across every month in the Salon Social Club for paid members.

#2. Convert lookers into bookers…

Having built that crucial trust in your expertise, client care and value for money you now need to convert these followers into paying clients.

And again, your social media is key to doing this. You need to tempt new clients away from their current salon, so you need an offer.

If you have a first visit offer then regularly promote it on your social media (and of course, other marketing channels).

Or try this approach:

As part of your free Salon Socialite Plan, to make your marketing life super easy here’s a ‘taster day’ for you as a Salon Socialite…

Club Content taster...

⭐ A seasonal offer idea to tempt potential new clients to engage.
⭐ A ready-to-go caption template.
⭐ A Club Canva graphic template.
⭐ It also works beautifully for existing clients too.

Social advertising course for members

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This post works for skin care, laser hair removal, fat reduction, cosmetic procedures, makeup and much more.

It’s a friendly, non-salesy way to:

New Clients: encourage your social community to book a consultation with you – which gives you the perfect opportunity to wow them and convert them into new clients.

Existing Clients: boost retail sales, increase consultations and get more treatments booked.

Offer your community a skincare assessment or consultation so you can talk about switching up their products for the new season. And, of course, while they are there you can chat about relevant treatments for their concerns.

Give it a name to make it sound more ‘official’ and easier to market. If you call it a ‘clinic’ or ‘review’ I think it sounds more special and valuable than just a ‘free consultation’, although that is effectively what it is. Put an expiry date on it to add some urgency and FOMO – if they don’t act they will miss their chance!

I need to add in about a first visit discount when they book as an option

Name-wise how about:

  • Smart Skincare Clinic
  • Summer Skincare Review
  • Summer Skincare Clinic
  • Skin Confident Clinic

I’ve based the sample caption template around skin care but follow the format and just edit to suit the treatments you want to push.