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This is not a course nor a ‘standard’ marketing club. It’s a ready-to-go monthly salon social toolkit plus hands-on advice on how best to implement it.

It goes far beyond what most programmes or memberships offer – it’s designed to make sure you get a result.

We don’t just tell you what to do, we give you all the industry-specific templates and graphics you need to attract new clients, increase revenue and grow your biz.

Our quick, easy tools cut down your marketing time. And up your salon time.

It’s quick and super easy to tailor the Club Canva templates to your salon’s brand. You do not need to be good at tech.

Every 1st of the month. There is separate content depending on whether you’re a hair member or beauty member.

Tailored to salons: The Club gives you ready-to-go tools and resources specifically designed for salons by industry experts. A local social media manager/freelance marketer is unlikely to have the same level of industry-specific knowledge, meaning you get generic marketing strategies that are less effective.

Save money: The Club gives you a monthly suite of social media resources, including ready-to-go captions, blog templates, Canva designs and more, at a fixed affordable monthly cost. This is a massive saving for you compared to ongoing social media manager/freelance marketer fees.

Proven marketing strategies: Because we live and breathe salon marketing every day for our agency clients, you can trust everything because it’s already worked for salons just like yours, with proven results. Whereas finding a local manager/freelancer with a long, successful track record in salon marketing can be challenging.

Comprehensive marketing tools: As well as social media posts, the Club supports you with marketing advice, client-attracting blog templates, social ad training, and our plug-and-play marketing campaigns, all of which are free and included in your membership. And of course, specific to our industry.

This level of support is typically beyond the scope of what most social media managers or freelancers can offer, especially without a major price hike.

Support: Being part of the Club gives direct access to our team of marketing experts for advice, compared a single individual’s experience and knowledge. With the Club you never have to go it alone.

Control: Membership gives you the tools and knowledge to market your biz effectively on social while enhancing your skills and independence over time. YOU are in control.

Membership is a rolling monthly contract. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Alice is the founder of Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing, one of the leading UK hair & beauty agencies. This work keeps her and the team at the forefront of marketing and industry trends ensuring you get the highest quality, bang-on-trend content at your fingertips.

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