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Are you spending too much of your time and effort on social media chasing new clients?

Well, there are quicker and easier ways to boost your bottom line.

Of course, attracting a regular flow of new clients is key to growing your business – I’m not suggesting for one moment that you stop new client marketing on social media.


Look at these stats which show retaining your clients is as important, if not more important, to a successful, profitable salon than constantly finding new clients:

Get the marketing balance right

Salon social media marketing is a balancing act. You need the right mix of posts each month to both:

  • find new clients AND
  • keep your existing loyal ones happy, engaged and spending money with you.

So, you need to create posts specifically for your current clients to showcase your services, offer advice and educate (blogs are amazing for this), cross sell your treatments, services and retail, and encourage these loyal clients to open their wallets. 

Post after post of yet another balayage or lash lift may be quick and simple for you, but it is not marketing your business and services to anything like their full potential. You’re leaving easy money on the table.

Don’t neglect your loyal clients

There is no one silver bullet when it comes to improving your clients’ loyalty. Instead, improved loyalty comes from making constant small upgrades to every part of the client’s journey.

With money getting tighter one quick, easy way you can improve your client experience (and your bottom line) is by revisiting your loyalty rewards programme.

Here’s how…

Don’t give discounts. Add value.

I’d really avoid giving a discount in return for points if at all possible.

Why? Because discounts just raise clients’ price expectations, making them more likely to be disgruntled when they have to pay the full price.

Instead, I like to offer a ‘menu of treats’ which they use their points on. Many of the till software providers now also offer this option. And it’s what I’d always choose.

It encourages your current clients to:

  • try different services/treatments
  • enjoy an upgrade
  • have an indulgent treat
  • learn (a heated tool styling lesson)
  • experiment with retail

The marketing options are endless and much better in the medium term for your bottom line.

Shout about it on social

Once you’ve given your loyalty programme some TLC now is the time to market it on your salon social.

As I keep saying – ‘post with a business purpose’. So remind your existing clients that you have an exciting loyalty programme and how they can benefit.

Salon Socialites: Here’s a ‘taster’ day from the Salon Social Club…

Club Content taster...

⭐ Ready-to-go caption template.
⭐ Club Canva graphic template.
⭐ And a video from yours truly sharing 8 ways to successfully market your loyalty programme to those lovely loyal profitable clients.

Who said marketing your biz needed to be difficult? 🚀

Alice you need to mention the menu element in the taster post.

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